Corporate Vision Free Spirit Research
  • become a Technology Incubating environment that will facilitate our other associated corporate entities to obtain technological advantages
  • resolve problems and issues our associated corporate entities and their clients are facing, and create competitive advantages for them
  • provide our corporations with long term technological vision
  • use technology as an easy entrance method for new regions and new clients
  • use technology as the way to create long term relations and strong alliances in exchange for direct or indirect marketing of our corporate services
  • ID Technologies will do Research for any noble cause if needed, or just to address a technological challenge or an issue just for the fun of it
Business Development Strategy
  • ID Technologies does not have direct paying clients and does not provide R&D services for a fee
  • R&D is funded as a service fee by our associated companies based on the quality and effectiveness of our technologies
  • ID Technologies provides a stress free Research and Development environment for its employees and operates more as an Applied Research Institute
  • ID Technologies provides technologies and systems that compliment or augment existing services of our associated companies and their clients
  • ID Technologies is in the business of Research and intellectual challenge alone and leaves the business of making money to its service operating entities
  • ID Technologies builds technology that works as its sole source of funding
  • ID Technologies takes equity position in technology deals that are instigated by its technology
Current Research Interests
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Geomatics and GPS systems
  • Mobile Asset Management and Tracking systems
  • Urban Asset Management and GIS systems
  • One Call Centre and Emergency Response systems
  • Maritime Logistics Systems
  • RFID Technology
  • Wireless Work Order Management Systems
  • Utility Asset Management Systems
  • Electronic Global Trading Business Systems
  • Virtual Wireless Networks