Software Engineering

Our goal at ID Technologies is to engineer global software for a variety of industries. With the help of our brilliant teams, we are able to provide up-to-date global software offerings that are rich in features, functionality, usability, and adaptability.

Revolutionize Technology

Our team dedicates itself to the advancement and creation of technologies that streamline and simplify the world.  By integrating our existing technology and critically looking at market needs, we are able to develop new and exciting offerings for our clients.

Create Solutions

We develop software and technology for the specific purpose of providing users solutions to assist them in better management of projects and business. Our software and technology are meant to help complete tasks in the most expeditious way possible.


  • Smart Business Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Geospatial Solutions and Web-GIS Asset Management
  • Technology Partnerships

ID Technologies creates streamlined systems so that our clients can have a competitive edge. We develop software solutions to help clients meet their goals, while delivering high-quality products to help our clients develop, improve and grow their businesses. Developing software that is practical and can be used to create long term value for our users is a key driving factor at ID Technologies. We focus on helping your business grow by providing smart systems so that you know what is happening today and how it will affect you tomorrow. Our solutions range from process monitoring, to monitoring employees and assets. Many, if not, all of our products help clients manage their companies and have continuous reporting to gauge the health of their business. With our systems, clients can be sure to see improvements to their work flow processes and execution of these processes.

At ID Technologies we enhance infrastructure, providing clients with platforms that can illuminate vital digital insights. By utilizing input data, we equip clients with the ability to visualize valuable information for existing and future developments. With our comprehensive platforms, we bring all city data sources together and users can input them into our highly advanced Web-GIS. From here, users are able to provide asset management models and project-based planning for developments around the world. We have the capacity to take this one step further with our augmented reality (AR) systems. In real time, we have the ability to provide in-depth interactive 3D models that can be used to better monitor and plan development projects in extreme detail. Our software capabilities facilitate better use of resources and help make informed decisions that lead to enhanced economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

ID Technologies provides multiple geospatial solutions that assist clients in the organization of data and proper management of assets. Our proprietary Web-GIS platform “ESDN” is the backbone of our geospatial and asset management solutions as it is extremely scalable in its use. With the ability for users to organize and enter their own data in the GIS system, communication and decision making is automatically enhanced, thus helping users understand issues and develop solutions. Through rigorous analytics, we aid users in noticing patterns and further enable them to make data-driven decisions. Whether it be monitoring a fleet, employees, or monitoring the health of an underground asset such as fiber, our Web-GIS is presented as an all encompassing solution for a variety of businesses and municipalities. Pairing our engine with our other proprietary technologies and software creates a platform that is not only robust, but endless in its ability to help manage projects and assets. We are continually working on our Web-GIS platform and are frequently creating new modes of functionality for it.

ID Technologies supports a variety of businesses, institutions and municipalities by providing them with technologies and software, or building these together. Whether our partners wish to utilize existing software or want systems that are tailored to their needs, we make it our objective to work alongside them to ensure that we are providing the best possible software solutions. Some of our technology partners include:

  • JPL laboratory of NASA: Development of ad-hoc networks in hostile environments
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: Development of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies
  • Economic Development of Georgia: Solution Implementation
  • Port of Savannah: Development of Container Management solutions