Geospatial Solutions and Web-GIS Asset Management

ID Technologies provides multiple geospatial solutions that assist clients in the organization of data and proper management of assets. Our proprietary Web-GIS platform “ESDN” is the backbone of our geospatial and asset management solutions as it is extremely scalable in its use. With the ability for users to organize and enter their own data in the GIS system, communication and decision making is automatically enhanced, thus helping users understand issues and develop solutions. Through rigorous analytics, we aid users in noticing patterns and further enable them to make data-driven decisions. Whether it be monitoring a fleet, employees, or monitoring the health of an underground asset such as fiber, our Web-GIS is presented as an all encompassing solution for a variety of businesses and municipalities. Pairing our engine with our other proprietary technologies and software creates a platform that is not only robust, but endless in its ability to help manage projects and assets. We are continually working on our Web-GIS platform and are frequently creating new modes of functionality for it.